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Leod Electric (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

This Co. specializes in the production of warning equipments and is an enterprise earlier accredited to the product test among many manufacturers. With the great support and help from the persons in every circle for a long time, this Co. has constantly raised its complex strength and formed a perfected new product development, production, quality guarantee, market open-up and post-sale service system. The developed and produced VGM, MS, TM, SP, SPE, SPEG, 88E, DL-20, SC-103, YJD, WJD series rotary warning lamp, electronic glimmering warning lamp, multi-layer flashing warning lamp, warning device etc. in tens of kinds are extensively used for public security, military, scientific research, traffic, mechanical equipment, game machine etc. fields and well sold to more than 10 provinces and cities in the country and the nations in west Europe and southeast Asia, greatly favore and approved by the users therein.

Upon the aim of "satisfying the demand of users, making the products of a famous brand", we provide you with quality products and the special improvement and design according to the demand of yours.

ADD:234, Room 111, Hong Kong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
TEL:021-21-63604262  FAX:021-63500247